Copper Infused Textiles

Copper-Infused Textiles Kill Viruses and Bacteria on Contact

BioLife Antimicrobial Copper-Infused Textiles

Preventative Clothing and Textiles Designed To Inhibit Virus & Bacteria Reproduction and Cross Contamination Before it Starts

Stop Virus Contamination at the Point of Contact

Copper-infused textiles have been shown to prevent virus transmission from people who unknowingly come in contact with the virus. COVID-19 can live on your clothing for extended periods of time, creating a high risk of cross-contamination. Copper eliminates that risk.

Copper ions infused into fabrics have been shown to kill viruses such as COVID-19, MSRA and Ebola. Additionally, the copper remains effective and durable even after repeated washes. 

What is Copper?

Copper is a naturally-occurring metal which has been utilized by mankind since the early days of time. It has been used in the production of weapons, tools, currency and jewelry. Additionally, copper was long-touted in India for its health benefits, long before scientists began to understand microbes and viruses. In ancient Egypt, copper was used to purify water and prevent infections. Many societies drank water and tea from copper appliances. 

How Exactly Does Copper Help Avoid Virus Transmission?

Copper ions penetrate bacterial cells and inhibit their respiration. The copper then attacks the DNA of the bacteria or virus cell and destroys it, making gene transfer no longer possible. The ions also stop the transfer of antibody resistance from one species to another.
Copper can be infused with everyday clothing as well as with PPE products such as respirator masks, hospital gowns and other safety equipment and clothing.

The Benefits of Copper-Infused Textiles

Copper is a mineral that has been demonstrated to kill SARS-COV-2.  A minimum of 99.8% of the COVID-19 virus dies after coming into contact with copper & copper textiles over time.
COVID-19 can survive for up to 72 hours on surfaces such as plastics and for up to 48 hours on stainless steel. This increases the risk of cross-contamination when an individual touches these surfaces and then potentially transmits the virus to their clothes, increasing the risk of transmission to family, friends and co-workers.
While we have known that copper had antimicrobial properties for thousands of years, it has only recently been infused with clothing to help decrease the transmission of diseases.  It is one reason why copper pipes in your home help to keep your drinking water safe.

Children's Clothing
Adult Clothing
Bedding & Comforter Sets

A New Technology with an Ancient Ingredient

Copper Textiles are an exciting and timely new product which utilizes our patented MFusion process. We apply this technology into everyday clothing for men, women and children. 

More than just Clothing

Copper ions can be infused with multiple items used by children and infants beyond clothing. We have also applied it to bedding sets, comforters, pillow cases, and toys such as dolls and stuffed animals. 
Most importantly, we also produce PPE products including reusable face masks, hospital gowns, and other safety equipment for both consumers and frontline workers.

A Closer Look At Copper Textiles

Copper fabric has shown substantial potential against many pathogens including COVID-19.

By incorporating copper ions directly into the cotton fibers, latex and other polymeric materials, the copper acts as an anti-viral agent, as well as an algaecide, fungicide, nematocide, molluscicide and as an anti-bacterial agent.

The promise of copper’s ability to reduce viral numbers is extremely attractive, given that seven million people will acquire a health-care-acquired infection every year.

Copper Infused Antimicrobial Technology

MFusion Process

BioLife Antimicrobial Copper-infused textiles are created with our MFusion process.

Copper Infusion

MFusion process deeply infuses copper ions into every sub-bundle of fabric and attaches to every strand of fiber.

Antimicrobial Benefits

Copper is able to kill bad smelling odours and can continuously kill 99.9% of bacteria, fungi and viruses found on fabrics. It is inherently antimicrobial with no chemicals added, and is not harmful to people or the surrounding environment.


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