Copper Infused Fabric Pots

Give your plants a healthier home

BioLife Copper Infused Fabric Pots

Promote healthier plant growth with the BioLife Copper-Infused Fabric Pot – the first fabric pot infused with copper. The copper infusion allows the plants that grow in the pots with additional protections from harmful microbes which can harm plants. The fabric pots also provide minute amounts of copper leakage (over time) into the growing medium, resulting in healthier plants with larger yields. Additionally, these fabric pots also provide all of the traditional benefits which fabric pots offer (healthier root system design, decrease in wind and UV damage, etc.)

Benefits of a Copper Infused Fabric Pot

Larger and Healthier Plant Yields

BioLife Copper-Infused Fabric Pots offer multiple benefits such as air root pruning, improved aeration, superior drainage and beneficial copper leakage.

Beneficial Copper Leakage Over Time

Copper is an essential micronutrient for successful plant growth. Lack of copper results in plants becoming copper-deficient. Over time and multiple waterings, copper infused in the fabric pot will release minute amounts of copper into the soil, giving the plant’s roots access to the micronutrient.

Improves Plant Root System Design

Plants all have complex root systems which feature a main tap root and secondary roots which branch out. With traditional pots, the plant’s roots will reach the edge of the container and have to circle around the pot in search of nutrients. BioLife Copper Fabric Pots provide air root pruning capabilities, resulting in healthier roots and boosted yields.

What is Copper?

Copper is a naturally-occurring metal which has been utilized by mankind since the early days of time. Copper has been used in the production of weapons, tools, currency and jewelry.

Copper also plays a key role in the normal growth and proper development of living organisms such as plants (and humans). The proteins found in copper regulate the rate of many biochemical reactions in plants such as promoting proper seed production and formation, assisting plants in the formation of connective tissue and copper also plays an essential role is chlorophyl formation. 

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What is Copper?
How BioLife Infuses Copper with MFusion?

How is Copper Infused into Fabric Pots?

BioLife Antimicrobial Copper Air Cleaner fabric filters capture and kill bacteria that passes through air vents and releases clean air along with deposits of copper ions. Our filters help limit the spread of illnesses caused by microorganisms.

What Are the Benefits of Copper for Plants? 

All you have to do is replace the BioLife Antimicrobial Copper Air Cleaner fabric filter once a month and you will enjoy improved indoor air quality and a healthier indoor breathing environment. The process is extremely simple as you have two options: by placing filter on the inside of the air vent or plastering on the outer surface.

A Closer Look At the Copper Infused Fabric Pot

BioLife Antimicrobial Copper-Infused Fabric Pots are constructed with non-woven polypropylene materials. The fabric has a similar feel to that of a reusable grocery bag. After the pot has been constructed, it is then infused with copper using the MFusion process.

The copper is infused into every subbundle of fabric in the fabric pot. The result is 100% copper coverage throughout, which instantly provides protection from harmful bacteria and microbes which can harm or stunt plant growth. Over time and consistent waterings, minute amounts of copper will begin to leak into the growing medium, providing the plants with access to an essential micronutrient – copper.

Copper Infused Antimicrobial Technology

MFusion Process

BioLife copper-infused fabric pots are created with our MFusion process.

Copper Infusion

BioLife Science’s MFusion process is superior towards traditional copper infusion techniques which only provide less than 20% copper coverage throughout the garment.

Antimicrobial Benefits

Copper eliminates harmful bacteria and microbes which results in healthier soil and consequently, healthier plants. Additionally, the copper encourages beneficial bacteria which helps your plants stay healthy and strong.


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